Hi, I'm interested in buying your unused or unwanted firearms parts. Stocks, triggers, mounts, magazines, bayonets, etc. I'm looking for anything in new or like new condition. If you have leftovers from a recent build, are trying to clear space, have parts collecting dust or you're just looking for some extra cash, then hit me up with what you have and we'll try and work out a deal. I won't pay...
Looking for a Glock 17 RH IWB or OWB holster. If OWB, I am looking for retention, something along the lines of a Safariland GLS and ideally not a serpa type holster, but looking for anything. Not looking to pay new prices and can drive anywhere within 20 mins of Barrington. Thanks for your time.
MADE IN GERMANY rws diana air rifle 22cal weight has iron sights and a tac vector tomcat 1x33 reflexible scope aslo has an rws model 300 4x32 rifle scope and hardcase NOT PRFECT BUT GOOD CONDITION 175 OR BO
Tile says it all, if anyone happens to be selling either. I do know what they sell for new, so be reasonable.
mossberg patriot boltaction in 243 winchester with factory scope fluted 20 inch barrel 2 recoil pads to adjust the stock length como stock hardcase and sling $325 or trade [wil not reply to is it still available] i do not ship
I have an ATCHISSON. 22lr conversion. Kit.for ar15. Marine issued vest.recharcable tac light with mount.. (2) 33 round mag and original 10 round for conversion.bcg out of an m&p sport1 .(4) 40 round mags 5.56.a few scope mointd. And what ever else you see in the pic.... there is well overv $ 300 dollars worthvstuff there.
I have a Beretta 92fs with Wilson fluted guide rod. Wolfe spring. pacmyre wrap around grips.also have original grips guide rod and spring..comes with (2) 14 round mags & (1) 30 ROUND MAG. Owb holster. Smooth trigger eats anything. And can shoot a hair off a Tics Ass (accurate ). Cleaned and stored after every use. I love this gun
have a Beretta 92fs with Wilson fluted guide rod. Wolfe spring. pacmyre wrap around grips.also have original grips guide rod and spring..comes with (2) 14 round mags & (1) 30 ROUND MAG. Owb holster
mossberg patriot in 243 win bolt action,20 inch futed barrel camoo stock with adjustable reciol pad and scope ,hardcase and sling $325 or trade [msrp $430 with out the scope] no shipping no checks
Taurus 709 slim with factory box 2 keys and factory magazine. Great shooting gun practically new. Fantastic 9mm carry gun. I received it on a trade and I love the gun but being a lefty where the safety is located just makes it impractical for me to use. I'm looking for another small carry gun, I can add cash on my end. An ideal trade would be for a Bodyguard with no manual safety.
I have 520 rounds of mixed 300blk ammo. Most of it is supersonic, but there are some subs. Mixture of SIG, Gorrilla and Australian defense. 125gr MK, 144gr Ball and 220 MK. really looking to get rid of all of it at the same time. Getting out of the caliber so I have an 8 CMMG AR barrel for sale as well with gas block and pistol length tube. Barrel has 100 rounds through it, suppressed. Ammo at ...
I have a Full-Size 1911 Extreme chambered in .45 ACP for sale. This firearm has only been fired three times and after everytime being fired the firearm was fully cleaned. The reason I am selling this 1911 is becuase I do not have the time to enjoy it and would like it go to someone that will take the time to fire and enjoy this pistol. I am looking to solely sell this firearm and all accessorie...
Savage 99F in 308 win. for sale! In very good condtion for its age, lever is nice and smooth!
Ithaca 37R in great condtion! A great gun to add to the collection!
Beautiful Mossin M44 all matching serial numbers in perfect condtion!
This beauty came into the shop and turned heads immediately. This is a Desert Eagle, chambered in .44 Mag. Granted, ours doesn't say ".50" on it, but it sure doesn't have "replica" written on it. That was a Snatch reference, if you didn't get it, watch the movie. This gun comes with a case and a rail for those that wish to mount a scope or a red dot on it and make it even more badass than it al...
This 40th anniversary edition came into the shop and even turned the heads of the Sig employees down to the road. This firearm is in beautiful condition. It will really make someone happy and stands out from all the other P220s. This firearm comes with a standard and a 10round magazine, along with a case, and a threaded barrel.
We had this beautiful specimen come into the shop recently. It is in nice condition for being as old as it is. The wear/issues we have seen it with include: small cracks in the wood where the receiver meets the stock, a crack that protrudes from the top of the stock, through the wrist, and into the stock, and a few minor blemishes on the stock.
I have a ATCHISSON .22lr conversion kit for ar15 5.56 comes with bcg and original 10 round mag kit cost 175 also have (2) 33 round mags cost 29 a piece.. (3) 40 round mags 5.56.rechargable tac light.with mount.and pressure plate.. A bcg out of an m&p 15.black hawk pistol grip new.40 cal mag.1911 holster with double mag pouch.scope mounts.and a marine issued vest.over $300 in product..
Looking to get rid of some AR mags so I can standardize. For sale: x1 standard metal- black- Sabre Defence Industries x3 standard metal- gray- Defense Solutions Group x5 standard metal- gray- Bushmaster Thinking $5 each or $40 for the group. The few PMAGS and the Lancer aren't for sale. Portsmouth/Seacoast
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